I’m tired and I’m hungry

So, I didn’t realize the cleaning lady was coming today. I was awakened by the doorbell when she arrived. Oops. And before you think I’m spoiled, it’s something my husband wants and she only comes every other week for stuff like mopping and cleaning the bathrooms. Anyway, it got me going earlier than normal this morning but also off to a bit of a disjointed start.

I think I forgot to eat breakfast. I had some coffee and started working on posts for Green Daily and Download Squad. I actually got a lot of work done today. I was working and taking breaks to stand up and walk around and declutter small areas, like my nightstand, or the coffee table. It went pretty well. I got a few areas cleaned up nicely.

I forgot to eat lunch until my tummy rumbled at me around 2:30. I had a small lunch sine Robert and I had talked about going out to dinner tonight.

After lunch I went outside to take some photos.

This is the view across the street from my house

This is the view across the street from my house

People are frequently jealous of my view when they come to visit. Though I live on the fringes of suburbia, I have a horse pasture across the street. It’s nice. We enjoy sitting out on the front porch on nice evenings and watching the horses or listening to the crickets.

The chard I planted last weekend has sprouted!

The chard I planted last weekend has sprouted!

In my tour around the yard I saw that all the seed varieties I planted last weekend have sprouted already. Must be the very warm and moist conditions. I hope the 4-6 inches of rain predicted for this weekend doesn’t drown the little ones.

I worked more after my break on both decluttering and blogging. I found a few items to post on eBay and/or Etsy.

A beautiful vintage bedspread

A beautiful vintage bedspread

I’ve had this bedspread since I lived in Iowa in early 2000, 2001. It’s really pretty and in excellent shape. Really excellent shape. I looked at it. I thought about putting it into the guest room. But, I have already started that room in Americana/Texas decorating. I thought about saving it should I ever have a little girl. But, then I thought about all the stuff we have and saw how much things like this were going for. Cash that could go towards paying off my ankle surgery, building up our emergency fund, etc. So, I put it up for sale. We’ll see how it goes.

And now, my husband tells me it’s time to go get some dinner. Phew! I’m starved! And we’re having wings! Yahoo!


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