Not much progress

I have not made much progress on things around the house this week. I got a decent amount of posting done for work, though not as much as I would have hoped for. It seems to be that week of the month that I am just a slug overall. I got as much done as I could and the house isn’t a total disaster, so, it’s bearable. I need to get to bed early tonight so I can make some definite progress tomorrow.

We went to my nephew’s soccer game on Saturday morning. Actually, my Aunt and Uncle and the nephew stayed over on Friday night. My Aunt and Uncle had a conference locally Friday and Saturday so they went off to the conference and we took the kiddo to his game. We had a lot of fun watching and taking pictures. He’s the one in the middle in the grey jersey. He’s only 6 but really enjoys playing sports. This is his first season playing soccer.

After the game we ran some errands and came home and did an art project and some playing until my Aunt and Uncle were finished up and came to get him. Sometimes the three of us have a great time. Saturday I think Robert and I were frustrated by not having much time together all week and I think the boy was tired so, it wasn’t as much fun as it normally is. But, it was still a decent time together. He is usually a very good boy when he is with us so beyond some whining there is not usually a problem.

I should understand him better, after all, he is an only child, just like I was. I just think, while I didn’t enjoy it as much, I had better ability to play by myself. I guess different kids adapt differently though. Anyway, I should give the kid a break as I have been in his shoes myself.

I did some sewing this afternoon which was nice. It took a bit to get the space cleared in the hobby room but once that was done, I enjoyed myself. I may do some more now that Robert is off to the fire station for the evening. We’ll see how motivated I get.


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