Oh what a weekend…


Thursday evening Robert got sick. It seemed a lot like what I had except he was throwing up – though not for long. Anyway, he was signed up for a vacation day on Friday so my uncle could come over and they could put the new chimney in for the wood stove. He unfortunately ended up using Friday to recover. No work got done.

Saturday we were ready though. My Uncle Dave came over bright and early and the guys got to work. It took all day but they managed to get it all done. We started a fire by 7pm. It was  rough for the guys since there was not much space at all in the attic.

It’s been warm and toasty in the house ever since and we are sure enjoying it. It’s been like 80 degrees in the kitchen which has been pretty nice.

Today, I did some cleaning and a lot of cookie baking. I made some filled cookies using cherry pecan conserve that we made in the fall. I also made some brownie roll out cookies. Basically a chocolate sugar cookie. Quite tasty! I have some of those left to roll out and I need to make them a bit thicker so they aren’t so crisp. Finally I made some brown butter brown sugar shortbread cookies. Oh my. I am SO not sharing with anyone! Except perhaps my honey… the cookies are simply amazing though. It’s  going to be very difficult to not eat all of them tonight.

As for Christmas, everything is wrapped, half the presents are sent to my Aunt and Uncle’s house, shopping is done… just the waiting left. I am looking forward to having our first Christmas together as a married couple. That will be kind of neat I think. Last year we were in Mexico, which was pretty nice as well. But it will be nice to spend time with family this year. It feels a little… challenging though. I want to do more for my family and I just can’t. It is a difficult time for them right now… it has been for awhile. And I just want to do SO much more. I want to do more for my husband too, but I think I’ve already got that one covered! I want to make him more, not buy him more. Ah well… back to the cookie baking I guess. 🙂


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