I am in Indiana right now. I have come up for a week to visit with family, go through some of the boxes of my things at my parents house and also to attend a family quilting retreat. The quilting retreat starts tomorrow and goes until Sunday. After that I will be driving back to Texas.

It has been a slow, quiet week so far at my parents house. My Dad is working two doubles a week so Mondays and Wednesdays he works 16 hours. I spent some time with him yesterday morning while he was home, so that was good.

My Mom goes to work all day but we have spent time together in the evenings. Monday we went to my original favorite Mexican restaurant. Yesterday we watched TV and I made her dinner. Tonight she has to go grocery shopping and I have an old friend stopping by for dinner at the house. Mom will be packing her car so we’re all ready to leave for the quilting retreat bright and early in the morning.

I can’t get a good enough Internet signal on my own computer to be able to write posts for work, which is unfortunate. At least I can check my mail and write this on my parents computer though.

It’s been interesting to spend time with the cats. Actually my cats that were quite happy to stay with my parents after moving here the very first time! Much different than having a dog. I tried to teach them to sit and shake last night and they just weren’t interested.

I miss Robert and Daisy very much. Robert and I haven’t really spent any time apart since… well his last business trip overseas before we were even married. So, probably for a year we’ve been together pretty much every day after work and other activities. I’m sure it is good for us to have a little break, but, I still miss him! It doesn’t help that he’s extremely busy so it’s hard to even have time on the phone.

I called my Aunt’s house because Daisy is there right now (Robert had to fly to Houston to speak at a conference) and she put me on speaker phone. I said hi to Daisy and my Aunt said she perked right up when she heard my voice. Robert said she is not eating much and just generally missing me. Considering she’s such a Daddy’s girl all the time, I was a bit surprised.

My friend will be here soon so I should work a bit on dinner. Chicken quesadillas with homemade pico and guacamole. Yum!


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  1. You do not know me Christina, and I do not know you. I just saw a notice about your post and the quilting retreat with your family. Oh, I am so jealous. Five generations of my family used to get togther for quilting bees. We have met at my Mom’s house in Oregon for years. However, she is 96 and went into Senior Housing last fall.

    We will still get together and quilt, but it will not be the same. A family member died a year ago and four generations of us plan to get together soon to make memorial lap quilts for his two daughters and wife.

    I wish you the most wonderful time with your family. I hope the sewing, conversations and love are abundant.

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