Many Accomplishments

The weekend quilting with my family was simply wonderful. I enjoyed being together with my Mom, Aunt and cousins and just sewing and sewing and sewing. I had thought I might have a hard time deciding what to work on or that I would take some time to relax and wander about the farm we were staying at. Nope. I sewed for about 16 hours each day! Got only about 6 hours of sleep a night, which is not much for me and generally stayed right at the sewing machine.

Everyone did the same and we got lots done.


My cousin and I finished the quilt tops with the blocks we have been exchanging since October. Well, she finished. Mine still needs borders but I plan to do that either tonight or as soon as I return from Austin. We had fun exchanging blocks and mailing the little packages to each other and it’s neat to see how differently our quilt tops turned out.


This photo, from left to right shows a pillowcase and block my other cousin completed and then my small quilt top, a table runner, the camping quilt and two pillowcases I completed over the weekend. The table runner is about 6 feet long and has Jacob’s Ladder blocks down the center and I found the most perfect orange, yellow and green variegated quilting thread for it. And the binding looks good which pretty much felt like a miracle to me!

The camping quilt went to Indiana with some of the squares cut out. I was able to finish cutting it out, piece the top, quilt it and bind it and sew the patches on from places Robert and I have visited together. It even got a label. It weighs a ton since it has a denim backing but I wanted something very sturdy for the camper. And it will definitely keep us warm when necessary. Completing it was my main goal for the weekend.

The pillowcases I made while I was showing the others how I make pillowcases. They had requested a tutorial and I was happy to oblige.

I also finished some blocks for a flying geese BOM project I am working on. I don’t have a picture of that. Overall, it was a great weekend and totally worth the exhausting, straight through drive I put myself through on Sunday to get home (I really wanted to see Robert).


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