The Great SXSW

I went to SXSW (South By Southwest) a rather huge film, music and interactive festival on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  It was awesome and overwhelming all at once. I met some great people, made some super contacts, finally put some people into 3D (met them in person) and generally enjoyed myself. Oh course, I also got completely worn out by the late nights, and a little overwhelmed by all the choices.

There is a reason I work from home. Well, ok that are a lot of reasons. But one reason I like it so much is that left to my own preferences, I’m shy, and like to be a wallflower. Of course, at something like SXSW if you want to meet people and make contacts, that won’t work. I absolutely should’ve had my “elevator speech” ready so I could introduce myself quickly but, I never even thought of it.

Now, I’m home again, working on hanging laundry out on the clothesline, puttering in the garden, making a list of posts to write, planning some meals for this week and generally getting back to normal.

While I was gone on my two trips, my nephew had his 7th birthday, so I need to plan a special dinner or outing for us to take him on since we missed it. I am wondering about maybe the zoo or the nature and science  museum. Also while i was gone, Daisy mostly learned how to lie down and stay. Of course, she excelled at stay since I’ve been working with her on that one every day when we get the mail. Everyone in puppy class thinks it’s pretty funny that our release work is rhinoceros but hey, the instructor said pick a word you wouldn’t normally use.

I have absolutely zero pictures from SXSW. I took the big camera which was way too heavy to lug around every day. It needs a shoulder strap I think.

I have been working on the block exchange quilt top, adding some rick rack, so I will post a picture of that up as soon as it is done. It is really changing the look of the quilt, in a good way. It was much too washed out before. Here is the beginning of it with rick rack…



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