More 3D Patchwork Stars

I don’t think I mentioned that at the end of the quilting class, I asked the teacher for the directions from the first class so I could catch up. She told me she didn’t think that would be a good idea since I should probably do it when she was there to help. THAT annoyed me. The block was fairly simple and I thought i could certainly at least give it a try on my own. Well, this morning after I completed my “homework” from last night I decided to try it.

First, the homework –


Then, two versions of the first block that was made in class.


So there teacher lady! I will most likely go into the quilt shop before the next class and figure out what the other block they made was and get that done too. I am all for supporting my local quilt shop but learning those two on my own will save me going to two make-up classes at $15 each. Considering I’ve averaged spending about $100 there the past two months, I’m signed up for an ongoing $20 per month block of the month and I’m considering another $10 a month block of the month program I don’t feel bad trying to save $30. Also I was annoyed that she was treating me like a clueless beginner. Yes, I made a mistake. That doesn’t mean I’m a total beginner.


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