Taco Traveler, Los Mariachis, Gainesville, Texas

A quick trip into downtown Gainseville became extremely worth it with lunch at Los Mariachis. Unassuming from the outside, inside the place has a fiesta flair in decorations without being gaudy or over the top.

Garden May 1 034

Located at 319 N. Commerce Street in Gainesville, the comfortable restaurant offers delicious Tex-Mex food at reasonable prices. Many of the dishes featured slow cooked, marinated meats that were full of flavor and authenticity.

Garden May 1 039

The Tacos al Carbon with spiced, marinated beef with a subtle smokey flavor were very tasty. I expected them to be good but I was surprised at just how good they were. The chips and salsa, refried beans and rice were all average but the beer was cold and the taco fillings were right on so it was definitely a good lunch option.

Garden May 1 038

Mr. Taco Traveler had some really tasty marinated chicken that he was not too keen on sharing so I can’t really describe it. The small bite I did have was excellent – flavorful and smokey.

If you’re in Gainseville, please stop by Los Mariachis. It is a strong 3.5 tacos out of 5. The main dishes taste like they are carefully thought out and prepared from family recipes. The sides unfortunately, do not. It is still worth a trip though.


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