Just call it Craft Central!

After many months of working almost exclusively on the camping blog Robert and I are creating I finally have some time to get back to crafting, and get back to just writing about my home and all the goodness there is going on.

This is a block from the Dear Jane quilt I have going on. It’s going to be one of those many year projects as I usually pick it up here and there and work a little in between other projects. I am working on a lot of other stuff – some in reality and much in my head! I am making a large lap quilt for someone for Christmas. Someone who I have no idea if they read this blog, so no pictures or info on that yet. It is the “Turning Twenty” pattern which is really easy and quick though, so that’s definitely nice.

I am also participating in a swap on Craftster, my first swap in quite awhile. It’s nice to be thinking about how to make new things, challenging myself and just doing for someone else (and knowing someone is doing for me too!). It’s a one hour swap, which means I should spend only about an hour on the project. Well, we agreed to give it 4 hours – either for four different projects, or slightly larger projects, or whatever. It’s been fun so far and I am enjoying it.

I have a stack of fabric next to me from the Happy Camper fabric line to make something for the camper. A quilt for the couch I think, though in what pattern, I don’t know. I also have a quilt in progress for my new baby cousin Natalie. Fabric for one for her brother Nathan. A pattern and about half of the fabric for another Christmas gift. I am loving it. The projects are going well. I’m having fun. And I am full of ideas. It’s awesome!

We’ve started using the woodstove somewhat regularly. Mostly to just warm things up in the mornings or evenings. Right now the giant, sturdy and wonderfully awesome clothes drying rack we got in Shipshewana is near the stove, holding some laundry. I’d take a picture but it’s mostly underwear, so, you know, don’t wanna get all TMI on you!

I hope I can keep up this crafty momentum. It has been nice to sit down in my office, get my work done and then go into the sewing room and be creative.


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