My daily split

There are two parts to my daily life, or at least, two I’m about to talk about. First, there is the work portion of me – professional blogger, getting paid to write about technology and green living. Then, there is the home portion – cooking, cleaning, gardening and generally making my house into a home.

For example, today, Google decided to announce the release of the new browser, Chrome. So, my main blogging gig, Download Squad, went nuts. We had to get the info up, get through the crazy lags to download it, try it out, write it up and get it posted, ASAP. I spent some time helping to keep comments posted on our live coverage as well as taking the browser for a spin.
My home stuff? Rushing outside to get my compost bin set up and have stuff in it before the rain began to fall so I wouldn’t have to water it on our water bill. I cleaned the kitchen, emptied the dishwasher and wrote down some ideas on what we can eat this week.
It’s hard to find a balance. I’d really like to just be outside today. While it is humid, it’s in the low 80s so it’s sort of bearable which means I should go do yard work and stuff. But, the web won’t wait for Google Chrome news so I had to work on that.
I would always rather cook and make the house nice but of course, I do need to make some type of an income. It’s just an odd split. In my non work life I am constantly striving to go backwards almost – canning and preserving things, gardening, hanging clothes out on the clothesline. Very old school of me. But, in my job it’s all about the web all the time. Sometimes it’s hard to change gears.