Busy day!

Do laundry Make hay while the sun shines… I was wondering when I would get laundry done this week as we had several days of rain predicted, following Ike. I wasn’t going to complain too much as we always need rain here in Texas. But today, the predicted rain didn’t come. So I did laundry!

Why was a non-rainy day important? So I could use my clothesline of course. I love the clothesline we have. In the picture it has four loads on it. I have since put one more out. It could hold 6 or 7 I think, but I don’t have that many clothespins. And really, it never needs to hold that much. Usually a load is dry by the time I go out to hang up the next one. I have just felt lazy today about bringing clothes in and putting them away. I’m kind of hoping I can snag my husband for some help on that once he gets home from work.

It was another very quiet day with him at work all day. I hope he gets to have a day off soon, or at least can work from home once or twice this week to make up for working almost 40 hours over Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Mostly I did laundry and worked on posts for Green Daily. I spent so much time grocery shopping and repackaging things on Friday that I did not do as much posting as I wanted to. So, I made up for it today. I think next I will go dig through some boxes of clothes I moved here from my apartment that have yet to be unpacked. Someday, the house will be clean again…

I was able to open all the windows and let some fresh air in today as well. It is in the mid 70s I’d say, with a bit of a breeze blowing. It’s probably 80 in the house but with the breeze and the ceiling fans on it really doesn’t feel too bad. I am enjoying my low energy usage day between the clothesline and turning off the air conditioner!