A rainy, quiet day

Not to much to report here tody. It’s been very quiet with my husband off at work since about 5:30 am dealing with Hurricane Ike. I miss him. A lot. He’s been really busy lately and tired when he comes home. I’ll be happy when hurricane season is over, that’s for sure. I think I’ll have to convince him we need to snuggle when he comes home. Not that that should be difficult to do! I think it’s just the cool, gray day.

I am baking some bread for our dinner, but it didn’t rise the way I expected so I hope it will be good. I may have put everything into it too cold. Not really sure.

Here’s a portion of my pantry. It’s really quite nice as pantries go. I like it a lot. And now that it’s organized, even better! It could use a few more shelves and maybe some baskets to catch some of the various little packets of this and that but otherwise, it’s just right. Not only is my husband wonderful, he came with a pantry! I’m a seriously lucky girl, I know.

I have other things to write about but the rain is causing me to feel like I need to go snuggle up with a good book. And since my other snuggling option is not home from work yet, I think I might just do that.


Why am I still awake? I dunno…

So, it’s almost midnight. I am not sure what time zone wordpress thinks I’m in as it says it’s 4:58am. I’ll have to look in to that one.

My pre-midnight snack

My pre-midnight snack

I recently (like 30 minutes ago) made some hot chocolate. It was definitely NOT from a paper envelope. My hot chocolate was memories, thoughts, and awesomeness. You see, The chocolate itself was real, and real 77% cocoa from Amsterdam. My husband brought it home from a business trip. He always brings home chocolates from Europe. 😀 I told you he was a good man! The base of my hot chocolate was some organix milk. I’ve recently discovered that while I do not care for “regular” milk from one of those cardboard containers, the organic stuff is pretty decent. I’d prefer glass but can’t find it for the most part. Not glass AND organic.

To the milk and the chocolate I added a touch of sugar, a bit of Texas honey (gotta keep it local!) and some super yummy and amazing vanilla that I bought at a market in Mexico. I served it up in my recently acquired Donald Duck mug. My husband brought it back from his Dad’s house. I found it in a box in the closet and brought it out. I asked if it was ok if I used it. Of course he says. I say good, cause I LOVE Donald Duck! Oh, wow, so did my Dad my husband says to me. There are a lot of people I can do without in this world. I wish I had had the opportunity to know my father in law. To even talk to him once. Or for him to even know we were getting married. He died the month before we got engaged. I’m not sure why it gets me teary eyed and really sad to think about. I just wish I had known him. His kids are the coolest ever.

Well anyway. Lots was done today. I went on a grocery binge. I, um, don’t think I’ll be needing anything next week. So when I came home I decided I was tired of shuffling things around in the pantry and hauled them out, cleaned it up and organized it. Poor husband won’t be able to find anything, even though I feel like it logical (the veggies are together, beans are together, flours are all lined up, etc.). It was no small feat. I am blessed, oh so blessed, with a pantry that makes other women jealous. I could not get a good photo this evening. I will try again tomorrow.

We have filled up the gas cans. We have groceries galore. We’ve brought in all the small things from the yard. We’ve battened down the hatches so to speak. We’ll see what the morning brings with hurricane Ike not so far away from us. We are supposed to get winds in the 60mph range and a lot of rain. My biggest concerns are keeping the packed freezer cold enough if the power goes out and that my tiny baby plant sprouts survive it all ok. Oh, and that my poor husband makes it through the day at work tomorrow (and Sunday probably).

Let’s pray it turns out more like Gustav and less like Katrina. And paray especially hard for anyone who did not evacuate Galveston. I hope they all did. Because it could take a direct hit.

Gustav, the GOP and life at home

So, first of all, hurricane Gustav is keeping my husband insanely busy. He has been on the phone and on email since Saturday evening preparing. He is in the business continuity and emergency preparedness business, so, this is his thing. But, I have never been right here when it happened. Last summer was light on hurricanes and I was preparing for school, volleyball and everything else and was working 12+ hours a day myself. Now, I am at home, keeping things going while he works those hours.
The good news is that in a situation like this, after he puts in his 12 hours, he can come home and turn off his phone and get away for a bit. Usually, his phone is on 24/7 and he has to answer it. In a situation like this it is the only way he can get a break.
I think I did good today. I tried really hard to not place any demands on him when he got home. Dinner was ready as I knew he would be hungry. Other than that, he needed his kiss bank filled up and his back rubbed and he was content to relax on the couch. Hopefully it only goes on for a few days because I think after that I will require more brain power of him and he just won’t be able to give it.
In other big news headlines, I was just reading the Governor Palin, (Alaska), recently announced as John McCain’s running mate, has announced that her 17 year old daughter is pregnant. This was to apparently combat rumors that Palin’s son, Trig, born in April, was actually her grandson. No. It’s really the governor’s child.
All I can say is… really? You have a four month old son and a pregnant teenage daughter and you’re going to even think about being the vice president of the United States? I’m all for advancement of women and such but first of all, if you are a woman and a governor, you should be on birth control. Governor and pregnant/mother of an infant are two things that do not go together.
It just seems like with an infant and a pregnant teenage daughter AND being the vice president (or the governor for that matter) you’re only going to have time to do half the job of either thing. That’s just too much for any person, especially a mother. Of course, that’s just my opinion. And take it for what it’s worth as I am someone who really wants to be a stay at home Mom. I think the Planned Parenthood people should visit the Palin’s though. Really.
At home, well, the kitchen is a mess (though only half as messy as before as I cleaned some) and the to-do list didn’t get much crossed off today.
I am feeling a tad nervous about hanging my laundry out to dry after seeing the snake on the back porch the other day. So, I didn’t do laundry yet. I really want to start my compost bin but I feel rather unsure about that whole process as well, so I didn’t do that either. I did however, go out and prepare some space for growing lettuce or whatever and pull some more weeds out of the flower beds.
I made some really good soup for dinner, by just pulling stuff out of the pantry. I used a can of corn, about 5 diced potatoes, a can of diced tomatoes, a can of green chile sauce, a can of navy beans and a can of beef broth. It made a really nice Mexican soup. And, it thickened up nicely while it was cooling so I think it will be a nice stew tomorrow. Maybe I can make some cheesy bread or some tostadas to go with it tomorrow. I made it in the crock pot, which was great. The kitchen didn’t get all heated up like it does when I use the stove, so that was nice.
I made another batch of mint tea as well. I have been going out and cutting a handful of mint leaves from the garden and boiling them with a pinch of loose tea and some sugar. Then putting it in the fridge. It is really good and refreshing. Minty but not overwhelmingly. I really like it as an alternative to just plain water which I normally drink.
I have a lot more to write about from the weekend but I think I will save it for another post.. when I am more awake and can include links and such to information. Right now I’m sleepy so it’s making me rather lazy.