Three Dimensional Patchwork Stars… Eek!

So, that great, regular, flat fee writing gig I had? On hold now. They will get back with me “sometime next month” to see if they can afford a writer. So, I am back to scrambling around looking for something steady to go with all the little here and there writing jobs. I may have to go out into the world and find a part time job doing something in the meantime. We shall see.

On the upside of it all, I have been making it a point to take a time out now and then and do some sewing and to go to the local quilt shop. I had been going to the larger quilt shop in town but was feeling a little put off by it. They frequently don’t even say hello when you walk in the door. Whenever I walk in I feel like I’ve wandered into their exclusive club and as long as I buy some fabric and let them get back to their visiting it’s all good. I am totally spoiled since I was good friends with the quilt shop owner back in Indiana. She was always excited to see me, would show me this or that she had in mind and she had great classes that I really enjoyed. Now maybe she was just a good salesman but I never spent tons of money (my mom did though) so I don’t think it was 100% that. We found the shop very shortly after she opened though and my Mom was there at the going out of business sale too. Anyway, I was used to a different feel from a quilt shop.

I started going to the smaller quilt shop in town, right off the downtown square. I love the downtown area. It is growing every day and just full of cute little shops, restaurants and all sorts of interesting things. Last week they had the “Hard Time Social Club” which is basically a group that gets together and has a potluck dinner and the group leader gives examples and ideas of projects you can do to use up scraps. It was very fun and relaxed and I enjoyed it. Everyone was very welcoming and it was nice. While I was there I saw some examples for the 3D Patchwork Stars class. I thought it looked pretty interesting and the class itself is only $15. Of course the book was $17.99 but, I had most of the fabric I would need for it so it wasn’t a huge investment overall. I decided I’d jump in and take it, even though it wasn’t the first class.

Well, jumping in was a little more tricky that I anticipated since the teacher didn’t know I was coming so I didn’t get an email of the cutting list. I had to spend time cutting while things were explained and then things got sticky when my quarter inch seam got criticized, measured, etc. And then the teacher put some big green tape on my machine. Ugh. I was like.. uh.. and she’s taping. Then she sews and the bobbin runs out. She’s like, how do you change the bobbin? Well, it’s under the tape. She took my really really nice scissors and CUT THE TAPE. I had to bite my tongue. I’ve had the same pair of “razor-sharp” fiskars for 17 years and they have never needed sharpening precisely because I don’t do things like cut tape and paper with them. Anyway, we got it sorted out and I was sewing desperately trying to catch up. Then I had to take a seam out. Where was my seam ripper? Under the tape. *sigh* It was a little frustrating. Not to mention the class is all about precise piecing and cutting. Precise is not exactly my thing. I did survive however. And I came home and wanted to sew a little more before I forgot how to do it all. After I ate the delicious wild Alaskan salmon Robert made for dinner (yum!) I sat down to work. The center square everyone was moaning and groaning about and putting 8 pins in to sew in class did not seem so terribly hard to me. I finished up the block in about 45 minutes I think. I am going to make the second one today sometime and I may use some of the techniques for a potholder I am making for someone. Of course, I might also do a simple checkerboard for that one too! Anyway, I may try to make some of the other blocks in the book too. I’m not sure. I asked the teacher for the directions for the first block they did and she wouldn’t give them to me since she “didn’t think it would work out too well for me.” Here’s my block:


It doesn’t look like a whole lot I guess, but every triangle shape on there is folded and there is a little pocket behind it. You can’t tell since it is pressed really well at the moment. I am going for 30s fabrics, and the background is white Kona cotton. I prewashed it all, which I don’t normally do but I thought with the red on the white background, and I also have some navy blue I’d like to use in it so I thought prewashing might be a good thing. We were also instructed to starch all the fabrics. I think mine minght need a little more. Since I already have the book, I will probably continue on in the classes since they are only $15 each time. I am also signed up for an applique block of the month through the shop. I have two months worth waiting to get started. I am trying to finish up a swap project that is due at the end of this week before I start that project though.

Oh, I also completed a pillowcase the other day which I took in to be donated to the ConKerr Cancer organization. They collect fun pillowcases for kids with cancer. I made one with jungle animals that was pretty cool.

We had a good weekend. We got tons done and worked our tails off for a lot of it, but there was a lot that needed to get done. Hopefully I can continue to get things done around the house this week and get things cleaned up and more clutter free. We are planning to go camping this coming weekend so the house stuff will have to be caught up to make it happen.

This is a great picture of Daisy deciding to snuggle with Robert that I will leave you with…