A rainy, quiet day

Not to much to report here tody. It’s been very quiet with my husband off at work since about 5:30 am dealing with Hurricane Ike. I miss him. A lot. He’s been really busy lately and tired when he comes home. I’ll be happy when hurricane season is over, that’s for sure. I think I’ll have to convince him we need to snuggle when he comes home. Not that that should be difficult to do! I think it’s just the cool, gray day.

I am baking some bread for our dinner, but it didn’t rise the way I expected so I hope it will be good. I may have put everything into it too cold. Not really sure.

Here’s a portion of my pantry. It’s really quite nice as pantries go. I like it a lot. And now that it’s organized, even better! It could use a few more shelves and maybe some baskets to catch some of the various little packets of this and that but otherwise, it’s just right. Not only is my husband wonderful, he came with a pantry! I’m a seriously lucky girl, I know.

I have other things to write about but the rain is causing me to feel like I need to go snuggle up with a good book. And since my other snuggling option is not home from work yet, I think I might just do that.