Small Steps

My husband and I are working on being more green at home. It’s a slow process as old habits die hard and we’re still trying to integrate our daily lives into a normal pattern (since the wedding).

We recently discussed vastly reducing the number of paper towels that we use. We have a cleaning lady that comes bi-weekly who will not give up the paper towels but if we can reduce our dependence, we can save money and reduce our trash output.

Today, we were at Costco and found a 36-pack of microfiber “automotive towels” for $14.99. Through a batch of mega cooking/vacuum sealing this evening, I used 2. One to wipe up messes and one to dry clean things like bowls I washed and reused or my hands. So, one “clean” one “dirty”. It worked pretty well. We have already been using the cheap white dishcloths for things like cleaning off the George Foreman grill.

Paper towels overall are not something that will make or break our budget. But, if we can reduce some of the small things it will have a big impact overall – on our budget AND the planet. And I’m all about that.

What small steps are you taking to fatten your wallet and thin your trash pile?